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Hastings / Verney-Carron Shotgun Barrels
Verney-Carron, has always been the manufacturer of all barrels sold under the brand name "Hastings" with the trademark "Paradox".

The Hastings Paradox is the premier off-the-shelf rifled shotgun replacement barrel available for popular makes of shotguns. And, it's the most accurate shotgun barrel we've ever tested. With six lands and grooves and a 1 in 34" twist (12ga) and 1 in 26" twist (20ga), this unique rifled barrel produces increased slug stability and amazing accuracy.

Questions on Hastings barrels should be directed to

retail customers or (717) 524-5301

Dealers and OEM's or 301-460-9563 WARNING! Remington Ammunition

Remington Ammunition is not recommended for use in Hastings Barrels. It has been reported that damage to the barrel can occur when customers used Remington Sabot Ammunition.

Hastings/Verney-Carron/KEBCO LLC will not be responsible for any damage incurred while using Remington sabot ammunition. Although the damage reported to date is to the barrel, this is no assurance that even more serious damage or injury could not occur. You are assuming all risks if you use Remington Sabot ammunition in Hastings barrels.

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